Mother and Child on Kotokuraba Road (Cape Coast, Ghana)

Oil on canvas 12x10 in.
When I saw this mother walking determinedly with her baby swathed in cloth on her back, I wanted to capture that closeness, the oneness of the two of them, the feeling that, yes, of course, it was practical to carry her child that way but more importantly in that way her child would always feel loved. I hope I achieved that. I also loved their unified shadow.

"The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real."  Lucian Freud


  1. Beautiful, the light on her skirt is amazing!

  2. Thank you for noticing. I so wanted to capture the flow of her skirt and the light!

  3. What a neat painting--the abstraction and simplicity and yet total capture of the moment in motion.

  4. Laurelle, this is a wonderful painting! I love the fastness involved and the sense of safety for the baby ;-)


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