The Lure's The Thing

Oil on canvas 30x25 cm.
Puerto Rico is the site for the month of January on Bill Guffey's Virtualpaintout website.  I started this three weeks ago and then was not able to continue until I picked up my paintbrush today.
If you are interested in seeing the inspiration, click on:
"Painting is marvelous; it makes you happier and more patient.  Afterwards you do not have black fingers as with writing, but blue and red ones."  Hermann Hesse


  1. Wonderful work! The sky and sea are so intoxicating!!

  2. Thank you, Sheila, for coming to look and comment so kindly.

  3. Wow, this is a great scene. You captured a whole mood, here. Beautiful! Thanks, too for sharing the link!

  4. Funny picture! Какой рыбак! А какие облака!