Virpazar Virtuality

Oil on canvas 10x8 in.
This is my entry for Bill Guffey's Virtualpaintout this month, a view of Virpazar, Bar, Montenegro. I am leaving tomorrow for Barcelona to spend the holidays, and I rushed a bit in order to complete something to post.  I read a bit about the country and discovered that this small mountainous country (Monte Negro "Black Mountain") on the Adriatic is recently independent from Serbia (in 2006).  

It is an interesting exercise into the reality-virtuality continuum--term used for a continuous scale ranging between the completely virtual (virtuality) and the completely real (reality)-- when one becomes engrossed in whatever website we enter.  I don't wish to wax poetic or wax philosophy too much, but the process of participating in Virtualpaintout by creating a simple painting of a site in an unfamiliar country discovered in virtual reality can reaffirm the consciousness that our commonality, our humanity, is far greater than our differences.  Here's the googlemap link:
May you have a wonderful and peaceful holiday.


  1. Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing the link. Hope you have a Merry, Happy, Holiday season! Enjoy :)

  2. Thank you, Sheila! Happy New Year, good health and lots of paintings!

  3. You have such a poetic way of seeing things. I like the different abstract directions in this.

  4. Прекрасные домики с красными крышами!