Plein Air en La Palma del Condado

Tomorrow I am registered to participate in the Plein Air Competition in the beautiful pueblo of La Palma del Condado.  The Saeta 30-day challenge has given me a lot of new confidence to do as many different art events as I can, and this one really sounds interesting.  Challenging, however, is the requirement of painting on a canvas that is at least 50x70 cm (approx 20x28 in).  Usually when you do plein air the maximum size canvas is maybe 12x16.  The environmental conditions, the light, everything is changing so constantly that you have your hands full just trying to paint a small study.  Tomorrow a large, finished painting is the goal by the end of the day.  At nine a.m. they will announce the theme of the competition.  At six the paintings will be judged, with the top three receiving cash prizes, and then some paintings will be exhibited in the town hall for a week.  This is the first time I have participated in anything like this since I moved to Spain and it should be quite a day.

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  1. Sounds exciting! I can't wait to hear how all about it. Best of luck and light to you! Have fun!