La Flecha

Oil on panel  11x14 in

This is from a photo I took, fishermen preparing to go out to sea.  They seemed amused that I took their picture.  The land in background is a unique stretch of 13 kilometres of sand formed parallel to the coast that separates the waters of the Atlantic Ocean with the Rio Piedras.  On the other side of the trees is a virgin white sand beach and the only official nudist beach in Huelva province.  Now that would be fun to paint!  

Painting from a photograph is frustrating.  In art school I would get annoyed when a model moved or a still life was changed.  I thought when working one day on my own I will have the luxury of using photographs all the time.  But you can't judge values, shapes, colors.  You are constantly making decisions based on guesses and memories, and more importantly, unless you paint the subject soon after snapping the photo, your direct link to that moment has been broken and you have forgotten what inspired you in the first place.


  1. I love seaside scenes! This looks great. Boats are hard to get right, but you've done it!


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