Barceloneta Bar Study

Oil on gessoed canvas 8x10 in.
So much to say.  Yes, I'm calling it a "study" because, oh, there's so much more to do, change, and on this little canvas it was very challenging for me.  I have not posted for three days and I so wanted to have something at least every other day.  But I have learned a tremendous amount this last month, not only in regards to the art of painting itself but how gratifying it is to share through cyber world with other painters of like minds as we travel our own creative paths.  

In regards to the scene of this painting, this bar is in Barceloneta, a very cool barrio of Barcelona near the beach and port and Barrio Gotic.  Each bar seems to have its own personality, its own unique vitality.  When you move to a new area, one way to become part of the neighbourhood is to frequent the same bar and become a regular customer.  The bars have their different moments during the day:  morning when people stop for a cafe con leche y pan con tomate and maybe glance at the day's news; early afternoon when all work stops and it becomes a gathering for a glass of wine or beer and the menu of the day; and then later in the evening for a coffee and delicious pastry; and then still later when work has ended and it is time for wine and some tapas.  It is not the toros, flamenco, paella; the bar is the quintessential symbol of the culture in Spain.  


  1. Laurelle, my old fantasy has been to one day visit Barcelona...and in my updated version, go to a bar with you. Very charming painting and I don't know how you fit all that info onto such a small space.

  2. Thank you for your kindness throughout. We talked about kismet in our first encounter. My son lives in Barcelona. When you do come, you have my contact info. Un abrazo!

  3. que la realidad de la fantasía convertido or something like that. Besos!

    1. Estoy de acuerdo! I agree! Un abrazo.

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Your art is beautiful!! I love this piece!

  5. Thank you for your comment on mine. I appreciate it!

  6. Que Bueno! I love the light, in the bar, on the chairs, on her hair. Oh, Laurelle you made me hungry with your descriptions. I have always wanted to have authentic Tapas, and in Barcelona, what a joy that would be! Have fun!


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