September 21..........Peso de la Vida

Oil on canvas 10x8 in.
I delayed beginning a portrait in this challenge because it is difficult for me to render in just a few hours, not just logistically, technically, but emotionally I feel more vested.  I experimented with a blue underpainting and it immediately lent itself to this type of existential pathos that occurs to all of us.  I will hopefully finish it tomorrow.


  1. Laurelle, captivating start. That underpainting has so much feeling in it. Eager to see where you go with this. I compliment you on posting work in progress in the daily challenge. Meanwhile, a portrait? The only one I've ever done is the self-portrait you see at my blog, a self-portrait in acrylics that's a painted copy of the crayon self-portrait that sits on the cover of my kindergarten report card. And, yes, I was very well behaved in kindergarten, thank you very much!

  2. I just looked and your kindergarten self-portrait is pretty darn good! Full of the same joyful spirit that you have now. Thank you for sharing it!