Proustian Memory

Years ago while exploring the sierras of Huelva, Spain, I found myself in Linares.  This pueblo of 300 inhabitants is of Moorish origin and its streets are famous for the "llanos," tiles usually of blue and white depicting heralds, floral, or animals.  Grass grows between the cobblestones and in places appears as a lush green carpet.  At the time I was in my early 20s.  In my 30s I returned and my two-year-old son played in the water trough that is in the main plaza.  Recently made the trek to this tiny enclave "a la recherché du temps" and tried to capture it in paint.


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    1. Thanks, Sheila. The foreground completely challenged me, grass popping out from cobblestones. One day I will attempt this again. I hope you are settling happily in new abode.